About Us

We are Friðrik Runólfsson and Stefán Orri Stefánsson - two guys with a passion for software, security, and better coding practices. We're always on the lookout for ways to improve our skills and the quality of our code.

This blog is an attempt to document our thoughts and experiments. Our methodology has always been "the right tool for the right job" - we try to resist reaching for the familiar tools if another one is obviously better.

Our projects

We've dabbled in many weekend projects over the years - some individually, some collaboratively. Here are the highlights.

  • Websecurity.is - analyzes websites' HTTP security and offers suggestions for improvement.

Contact us

You can reach us by email at friddz@gmail.com (Friðrik) and stefanos@krili.net (Stefán).

Photo credits

The photos on this site are of Iceland's beautiful nature, either shot by us or used by permission. The photo above was taken by Stefán at lake Hellavatn in Veiðivötn in the Iceland highlands. It is one of our favorite places for fishing.